Database Management in VPS and Dedicated Servers

Database is a common environment. Listed below are knowledge-based articles about Database you may find useful.


Connect to MSSQL remotely

Whether you are using VPS or dedicated servers, you can refer to the guide for connecting to MSSQL remotely via SSMS.

  • Server Name: the name or IP of the database server. Type PORT after the IP or name to specify a different port (e.g. “,2433″).
  • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication is listed by default.
  • Login: Your username you have set up for the database.
  • Password: Your password you have set up for the user.

Backup and restore MSSQL via SSMS

How to Take a Backup of Database in SSMS?

  • Run SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu.
  • Backup the Database.
  • Done.

How to Restore a Backup of Database in SSMS?

  • Run the SQL server Management Studio from the Start Menu.
  • Restore the Database.
  • Done.


Connect to MySQL Using MySQL Workbench

How to Connect to a Database Using MySQL Workbench?

Requirements: Download and Install MySQL Workbench on your local computer
New Connection Fill in the requested information:

  • Connection name – The name that will be shown in MySQL Worbench (Does not affect connection)
  • Hostname – The IP address or hostname for the server
  • Port – 3306 is standard, modify if the server listens on an alternate port (Public Cloud uses 3336)
  • Username – Usually root, but any account with similar privileges will work

Backup and restore MySQL via Commands

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database in VPS?

  • Login to MySQL server.
  • Open a command window.
  • Input a run command.