Server Security and Protection Measures

About server security? Here will show you server security information.


How to Check if a Windows Server Has Been Hacked?

  • Check for hidden users or abnormal users.
  • Check abnormal processes.
  • Check Windows system directories.
  • Check for abnormal firewall rules.
  • Check for abnormal tasks in task scheduler.
  • Scan all drives through Windows Defender.

How to install Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows Server 2016/2019?

  1. Open the Server Manager and click Add roles and features
  2. Click the next
  3. Check Windows Defender Antivirus and then click Next and Install
  4. After Windows Defender installed, you need to restart the server
  5. After server restarted, you can open Windows Defender Antivirus by search, and then click Open Windows Security
  6. Now You can set the Windows Defender settings to make your server more secure.

How to Secure a Windows Server?

This article introduces the steps on how to secure a Windows server.

Install Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

Microsoft Security Essentials, the predecessor of Windows Defender, is an official security program by Microsoft aOn Windows Server 2016 and later OS, please install Windows Defender via Server Manager. Once MSE is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 with special steps, we can make full scan of the system to detect virus and spy software.nd can be installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 and earlier OS.


How to Analysis Postfix Logs via Software Pflogsumm?

Statistics of mails received, delivered, forwarded, delayed, bounced, rejected, retained, and discarded; Statistics of senders and recipients; Statistics of sending and receiving hosts/domain names; Count the number of SMTPD connections.

How to Solve IP Abuse Issue Caused by Attack or Port Scan on a Linux Server?

This article introduces the steps on how to solve the IP Abuse issue caused by an attack or port scan on a Linux Server.

  1. Check if your Linux server is hacked.
  2. Check all installed software.
  3. Secure the Linux server
  4. Reload OS

How to Check if a Linux Server is Hacked?

How to check if your Linux server has been hacked? This article can help you to find a trace of an eventual hack on your Linux server following a couple of steep.

  1. Monitor users' activities
  2. Check system process
  3. Check the network traffic
  4. Check cron jobs
  5. Check Rootkits infections

DBM security measures introduced

DDOS protection

We have DDOS protection for our servers. We provide 2GB DDOS protection for our servers. Our DDoS mitigation service can deal with layer 3/4/7 attacks. Thus ensuring your DNS, web application, and infrastructure is under 24/7 protection.

VHD backup

We take the VHD backup (only contains data in SSD (C: partition)) for our VPS every week. But the backup frequency depends on plan level. Usually, a VHD file will be available within 30-40 days.

  • Express and basic plan for Windows/Linux/Hyper-V VPS: Once per Four Weeks VHD Backup.
  • Professional and Advanced plan for Windows/Linux/Hyper-V VPS: Once per Two Weeks VHD Backup.

BFW service

We provide Remote Data Center Backup (Twice per week, every Wednesday and Saturday) with $14.99/month for a VPS/dedicated servers (Windows-Based Only). This service use Backup for Workgroups to back up files in drive C only to our backup server in remote data center. You can restore specified files/folders from backups at any time by yourself. Additionally, by ordering the add-on service, you can get free VHD restorations for 2 times each month.