Website & SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts the data that goes from a user's computer to the target website.

SSL Purchase and Installation

How to Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate for a Website?

This guide lists the steps on how to purchase and install an SSL for a website as follows:

  • Place an SSL order
  • Generate a CSR(Certificate Signing Request)
  • Configure the certificate in the Billing system
  • Approve the Certificate Authority for validation
  • Download the issued SSL certificate file
  • Complete the certificate request (Windows-based Server Only)
  • Apply the SSL to website

How to Apply an SSL on Windows IIS?

Here is the instruction on how to apply an SSL certificate for a website on Windows IIS. To apply an SSL for a website, you have to have a .pfx file and its import password in hand.

Free SSL

How to apply Let's encrypt SSL in Windows?

  1. Download the win-acme zip package from and extract it to the C disk.
  2. Generate SSL certificates on the powershell by running scripts.
  3. Open IIS and click on the automatically generated link.