Client Testimonials for DNN Mart

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Jonathan L was helpful and understanding of my issue even when it was entirely my mistake.


Can you reinstall my vsp with ispconfig on my server? I need php 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 in ispconfig.Also, use as my severname. Please i need it ASAP.


July is a very kind and helpful person. If she's an AI, welldone. She convinced me.


great service, just he vm's are slow not as fast as it should be


Thanks, Jay.You helped this time again.Hope you're doing well.Regards,Roman


Super helpful and i am extremely grateful for his professionalism and calmness in resolving a very sensitive issue.Perfect !


Great customer service! Fast response and resolution. Thank you very much!


Penny was a nice and patience girl. She helps to start up my server.


Thank you for responding and taking swift action to resolving my issue.


Very very thank you, Alina. Your help has made a big impact. I would like to you BEST of BEST marks. 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤


the Agent was veeeeeeeery very very helpful, he understand what he is doingI give him 10/10 and if there are more than 10 then he deserves thatthank you so much


Thank, Cathy.Would you like to let me know when the PHP installation will be finished.Please send email to [email protected],Roman


Thank you for your help, Cathy! You saved my time again. I appreciate your help again. 馃憤


Not sure what happened changing the RDP port following your instruction but requires intervention to get working. Will not do it again.


The servers work great, maybe just update your technical support hours. 24/7 seems unrealistic but that's okay.


Helped me a lot and in the best way... I was confused with something and them hehlped me


very quick response, courteous and knows what needs to be done. I have been working with you since December 22, and I always turn to you with pleasure and know that they will always help you here. Thank you for your work.


I am always happy with this support team.Thanks again, Penny.Hope you're going well.-- Roman --


The agent helped me through a traumatic realization that I didn't have backups, answering my questions efficiently. Luckily, I was able to find my directory under a different one, and was able to restore without backups. Sigh. I need to talk to the marketing department about backups for a dedicated server.


July was most helpful in resolving my issue. Also it's good to know that when we have problems the support team are easy to reach and will definitely resolve the problem. Two Thumbs up


Mason was extremely helpful and very fast in resolving my ticket... He super amazing...


The live chat is available as it should. Thanks. The support staff is very helpful and willing to work on a fix. Thanks.


Helped me immediately and was very kind. Keep up the good work. Thank you.


Wade Z and Cathy are very kind supporters with deep experience and solid knowledge.Very happy to meet them.Thanks a lot.Roger


Hannah was very kind and helpful supporter for me.Hope to have a conversation with her again.Best regards.


THe agent that helped with with this ticket is in single word....brilliant...and understanding. Not only did that technologist fix my problem, that person was tolerant of my distasteful choice of passwords. And for that, as for the quality and every present patronage of this service provider I thank you each and every one. Now a drink of cheap wine to me...and you as well.


very fast, well explained everything without any questions. The man knows his job


Well done, I was able to reissue the cert and bring back the ESXi web services. Thanks!


Interaction was simple, straightforward and productive. No issues whatsoever.


Wade gave the best support I have experienced in a long time. Awesome Support Team.


Sorry I couldn't confirm in details as client was taking time to check, after activation Quick Heal Firewall now things are working fine. Thank you :)


sorry I had an issue and did not responded on time, I will share an screenshot when it happens again. ;-) Thanks


appreciate your support. My issue was resolved on an urgent basis. GOOD support.


You Agents are Awesome! Always ready to help with a touch of professionalism. You customer service is superb.


Very fast response to my request for help, and attention to my request.Completely satisfied.


The support team was quick and responded promptly to all the questions.


Really Fast response and Installation of my VPS. Really happy about it.


Hi, Sorry couldn't respond in the chat. yes it's working. Thank you so much.


Wade did an excellent job assisting with all the issues I had that he was able to and submitted a ticket FOR me for the things he couldn't. I really appreciated all his hard work and sticking with me. Wade Z. is a Rockstar!


Always quick and responsive. Appreciate the level of customer support you provide


Hi , We are looking VPS server for our project , Do you allow Port 25 in your VPS servers ? If Yes let us know .


El servicio del chat resulto ser muy atento y ofreci贸 las herramientas que solicite para hacer las pruebas necesaria.


I need a server what is the cost of a server if it is divided by 3gp ram how many users can i transfer


Very responsive to our questions regarding maintenance and possible down time.


Iris helped me with queries promptly and also ensured we got much needed discounts


Thanks a lot for your assistance. Your support team with its experienced and knowledgeable technicians were very helpful and co-operative. Through persist efforts my issue was so well resolved.


Gary has solved my issues every time on any of my 13 servers. Very Happy indeed


Very prompt response and timely resolution. That is why we are a Databasemart customer !!!


Great support, he knows what to do on my issue, he support me in little time


The agent reponsed very fast and give me a good answer, now I buyed the service.

05/26/2023915***@***[email protected]

Can you please give me a promotional code for% 20? I already have 16 GPU servers from you.


Great support ! Every request gets done on time and correctly !!!


Suddenly disconnected. I don't understand the reason. But the conversation was valueable. Thanks, Ryan.


I have been extremely happy with the help and support given by your company. I am trying to find a service that works for my needs and everyone has been extremely helpful.


Great thanks, Hannah!!!Appreciate your support and hope to see you again.Best of the best ! 馃憤馃挅


They went above and beyond to solve my problems and gave me the tools to solve it on my own in the future.


perfect,really thanks so muchyou are the best and you will be the best in the world


Ryan not only understood the issue upfront but went an extra mile to find the root cause and fix the issue permanently ! He also assisted us in verifying the solution. Thankful for his dedication !


Thank, Iris. Please let me know if your team is working on the server and when you finish the work.


Thanks, Jay.I want to give you FULL*FULL marks.I appreciate your help again.Have a nice day!


Always helpful! Nice meeting you, Cathy. See you later again. Bye!~


Noticed my web app was reporting timeout errors on SQL Server connection, created a ticket and attached error message, got it resolved within 1 hour; Thank you very much!


Very helpful and patience and very knowledgeable. I appreciate the support given!


great employee. Very helpful, fast and efficient. thank you very much


I would like to give 100 marks to Iris.She gave me the exact and kind explanation in spite of my poor knowledge.Most thanks again, Iris!


Rdp connection is stucked this person solve this problem .and make hard partition for my self .and I'm own update windows.thanks you so much .


So Good responsive time to time . sale department relying on time .and you are support department never replying and help me.


The response is very quick, and it can help me solve the problem well every time.


All of you are a great team, actually an A Team. Thanks for your excellente support.


Your team consistently provides a high level of help. technical expertise and cordial communications. It is exceptional. Thank you.


Leo L helped me a lot in a very professional manner 5 stars for him


The agent helped me a lot. All issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.


Highly professional, very helpful will all the information I needed


After a lengthy wait before any response, the support from July was excellent, accurate and quick. Thank you


Like Past 3 Days I Had A Bad Experience With Support And Service But This One Is Best For My Need


Very quick reply. Thank you Leo for barring me for some silly question.But extremely satisfied with your response.Thank you again


I made an embarrassing mistake of assigning the gateway IP to a guest VM. Support promptly discovered the cause and provided me a quick remedy. Thank you.


I appreciated Cody he answered all the questions well and gave me good recommendations. Your products have variety, everyone will get something.


Wade Z did a quick fix to my sudden issue after long laps of correct tech guy on DBM team


very kind, they could not solve the problem but they raised my ticket to the developers.


Thanks for the prompt response. Mario quickly got me out of a problem that I created for myself. Well done, Database Mart !!!Tom


Best support you can ever get. People are polite, helpful and understanding. Leo is the best.


Hike is one of the best person . He made me to re-fall in love with dbmart and he is very supportive and respectful


A respectable company..and I am the type of customer who cares about the style of I liked their style of dealing and their expression of assistance at any time. As for the time it takes for the ticket, this gives me confidence that the company is under pressure, and this means that sufficient experience is available and that there is quality in services Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular


Despite my bad English, she is very, very caring and patient. I received a very successful charity support.


Me ayud贸 bastante, pues como no manejo casi nada de programaci贸n, me ayud贸 a comprender cuales son los pasos que debo realizar para poder hacer la activaci贸n de la p谩gina y del dominio


Wade Z was awesome. Vastly knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. He got the job done and assisted me from start to finish and in between. I'll only be requesting Wade Z. will only he requesting Wade Z whenever I need a hand. Thank you for your assistance and recommendations.


Smarter and reliable service with high technical support, I like DBM services quietly.


The agent was nice. But your policy of sales or technical support only by email or chat is not acceptable for our requirements.


Thanks Wade. I have your team investigate possible email communications errors with Office 365 invoice emails not being blocked or not delivered to the Microsoft cloud service (outlook)


Hello, could you please give some examples of IP addresses from which linux VPS / Cloud servers are issued, I want to check for pings from Ukraine and choose the one with the lowest latency.


Cathy for very supportive during the chat but somehow I couldn't get the deal I was looking for.


Cody H solve my problem and give the requirement time to solved, I'm very satisfied great customer support! Thank you Cody H


hello another question can you restart this onehttp://


answered questions right away and without complication. Great service.


Did a Great Job, Solving my problem. I wish the email support was a good.

12/06/2022158***@***[email protected]

One of my questions was quickly resolved, but another was not answered. Although I don't need to pay attention to the former problem and the latter one, I feel that the whole problem is not very friendly: is the customer's problem a selective response?


I appreciate the timely response. It enable us meet our deadline. Thank you


Cathy definitely seemed to understand the nature of the question and anticipated my follow-up question before I had it posted. Thanks!


thank you so much sir i am very happy you solved a problem for me


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