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So far DBM has been great, the products are great for the most part, the customer service techs always have the knowledge to fix the problem and are always nice


Very nice, hard worker and does not complain when it is a lot of work.


Support was great and quick, my only recommandations was for having a upgraded website with a good interferance and changing the plans manullay by user. As I need to contact on support for that. Well Yiding, the guy who asseted me was a great, he made it quick and was good to communicate, my ratings goes to him and all support team! Thank you xD


Works very hard to fix your problem and give you the correct information in a timely manor. He deserves a Raise!!!!!!!


Patient, kind, and helpful. Needs a raise. Crazy it's only one person working.


Very good man Sky, he helped me through out my payment. I hope the support continues to be like this through out my duration


The agents were very supportive in resolving the issue, which was ultimately resolved by restoring a backup of the server, because we was hijacked with ransonware.


a real professional. He worked for 1 hour and found and solved the problem.


the VPS products/services are incredible. The value the customer needs and they focus on his satisfaction.


Let's try it first, recycle current server and recreate new server


Friendly explanation about the use of the server and its possibilities.


Superb service. I'd certainly keep using you guys for the great support you have


competent professional person was able to answer all my questions quite quickly


Very clear, responsive and helpful. Never thought asking for support could be a great experience like this. Thank you


The agent clearly communicated with me and solved my problem in no time. Thanks.

05/30/2024xwd***@***[email protected]

The customer service is very enthusiastic and the response speed is very timely.


Helped me with everything I needed, please print a photo of this person and put it on the wall and write "employee of the month"


Considering your infrastructure had been hit by a tornado, I say thank you so much for assisting. In my thoughts and prayers.


This might be the best website I have ever tried for virtual computers :)


The staff is cheerful, harmonious and dedicated in explaining. I am very satisfied with your service.


been speaking to sherry from xmas 23 shes a cool agent, some times it hard to explain on a chat, she trys 100% to get us sorted


Best customer support ever if I was a millionaire I would give you all my money


the agent provided me with very good support and a very good alternative to my problem


as usual the support of DataBaseMart is the best and it was a pleasure work with you.


Than you so much for your help, support and time. Best wishes always Cody :)


Alina is a patient, professional and helpful person. Thank you so much !


Penny G was of great help. They listened and were good in communicating.


Extremely satisfied with interaction and ability to help. will only know if problem is resolved in a few hours. Thanks.


I managed to resolve the problem in a reasonable time, and the communication with the team was short, precise and sufficient to be able to work and understand the problem and the solution.Thank you so much. Best Regards.


Mario Q is The Excellent Customer Care and all My Issue Perfectly Solved.


The response was timely, professional, and quickly resolved the issue!


I've never tried your services but the support is very good. Keep it up


Fast support, easy to understand, The services and the support lines are the best i have encounter in hosting services.


Dear Support Database SmartYour server is great. We appreciate you. We give you 5. Very satisfied


Agent was absolutely wonderful, helped solved my issue in a quick, professional and kind manner. Helped me resolve my issue and gave tip on how to prevent said issue from happening again.


Penny war very friendly and helped me immediately. Great service - thank you!


as always tarick is 100% the best agent he always trys so so hard, and again today he trying his best to sort me out, this is why I will be long term customer


Glad to have someone answer the support chat once gain. Appreciate the fix.


The agent that attended the case was Hiker. Everything was fine.


Thank you so much Hiker, for switching the server and all good we got our 300mbs internet speed.


Thanks for all that helped me in this ticketI appreciate your concern, support and efforts in my SSL setup.Have a great day ahead


What great support you have ther e VPS-Mart. Wish I could move all our servers to VPS MArt soon. Some are binded and some need Sydney Australia based data server . Once again Thank you for awesome support. Ravi from BeyondeBiz


Helped me find the command du -h --max-depth=1 to clear my big unnecessary files


very prompt service by Jonathan .. helped right away and resolved 2 big issues, quite complicated (kernel / driver and login related).. very happy with the service!!


your product is great even though an issue occurred but the agent has taken an immediate action to investigate and resolve the issue, i appreciate that


this would be my initial rating...subject to receipt of full refund on my credit card. thank you!


Yiding was very pleasant, easy to chat with thorough, and willing to help!


Issue is not solved by Cody was great and very eager to continue to help. I had to jump off though


He is a very knowledgeable person; he is patient and dedicated to helping others; keep up the excellent job, my friend


in opera browser chat online option giving error but it works on other browser, please fix it..... appreciate support team going beyond their job scope and their capability to help clients, thanks.


He tooks time to listen to my complains in the pphpmyadin, that I have been facing for the past 24hrs and gave me specific time to sort it out.


My issue was jhandle and resolve quickly. It's awesome.stephane


Your customer support team is very fast and always solution orianted. Thank you very much.


Took a bit of time, but eventually got my problem figured out and solved. Thanks! :)


Cathy supported me with the technical concepts for a better decision.


Iris's attention on Iris's attention on all the occasions when I had to contact her today was excellent. I would like to clarify that in a previous connection with Iris I marked her help as NEUTRAL. It was my mistake, I should have checked option 05, extremely satisfied.Is all thanksall the occasions when I had to contact her today was excellent.


Good And Nyc Persons And Best Good Support Team Person. Thank You Sir So Much


Sky, you are the best! :D You just gained a loyal customer! Thank you very much for the quick support, it's my first day with your company and I was extremely satisfied with the support, thank you!


Hiker deserves lots of praise for staying calm during an hour long troubleshooting.


I am very happy with your support. A guy name Hicker really help/guide me to decide on purchasing the VPS


This support is on another level like hiker was the best thank you for your great customer support guys 🫡


This customer support Is the best, like there's nothing that can rate how good it is.


July helped me with my issue with professionalism and in really short time, i am extremely satisfied.


Queta helped me out, it's been really nice chatting with her. She is polite and helpful. Gonna buy your product. Thank you


Thanks CodyThe best customer service ever! I'm a happy customer.Thanks


The agent did everything possible to help me, but 1 server ( is still down


This communications channel is the only way that I've been able to get information about a downed server during this extreme situation. I am very relieved to understand the nature of the issue and status of repair efforts. My server has been unavailable for over 12 hours and that is highly abnormal for a VPS at this datacenter. My support ticket was not getting replied to and my customer was getting uncomfortable. Chat gets my vote as a keeper and I will use it more frequently. (I am responsible for 6 VPS servers)


After 12 hours waiting for support, Finally i found someone that solve my probelm in 5 min. thanks!!


Pretty good customer support just always confused why they do "bye~"


I myself work in IT and have to deal with customers so i standing on this side I know very well guidelines and policy has to be followed. 😩 But you guys are awesome and glad there's a good team to deal with when I need to.


The agent was very helpful in assisting me with my issue. Cathy was very professional and patient.!


Alina is a very helpful person and fast on dealing with problems.


Best customer support (I wonder when gpu servers are available makes sence they are tight)


Jay was extremely helpful and quick. Such a great customer support plays big role in customer eyes.


Every time I connect the tech support they are great. I can honestly say they are why I got the second server with database mart


If possible for sql installation, I should not have to request via ticket since it is mentioned in the order


Thanks Cody For Your Great Help, I really appriciate with your work.


I got a wonderful support!!! Cathy is Amazing.I am glad also of the support service the company offers.


Thank you for your help. I hope you can implement a mechanism for more urgent matters. This was midnight so its all good. thanks


I'm satisfied with this agent but there was no response since more than 3 hours and that's a huge problem


Cody was highly competent, kind and helpful.. Such an amazing service for the clients!!!!


Hiker was very very helpful and got all the questions I asked answered , a credit to your company


Cathy was very helpful, she provided me with direct answers, not a rocket-science words.


Mario.Q he solved my problem so fast i really appreciate him :)


Hello. The server is not working, there is no possibility to renew the product. Your help is needed.


It was a pleasing communication. He knew what to ask and what to solve. To the point. Thank you


We just migrated our server to your new server location and we got locked out of our server because of too many login attempts.


Excellent service, I will recommend your company to friends and family


Very helpful and efficient in solving the problem. And offered useful info regarding the case and issue.


this ticket was resolved very fast. Thanks for a great response on this.


I did not see options to indicate the trial period for Order Number: 3953275223


I chatted with Hannah, then with Queta.Both wonderful people.You may want to consider crypto payments. (Bitcoin or USDT). Neteller and Skrill are good options too


Extremely helpful!Got me hooked up with VPN on all my servers! Very kind and polite and nice support member 5 STARS ALL DAY!


Angelica was very fast and kept me calm that she is working on the case, thank you so much, 5/5


Great help and useful to my mission! Thank you for running a great company!


Everything was perfect. Fast communication,great understanding and my problem was solved really fast. Thank you for the great service you provide.


Reply was incredibly fast with the solution, been with you for years, You provide fantastic service.


very fast response time to start chat and to address my request. Awesome!


a massive thanks to Tarick for helping us get our setup as needed thanks


There isn't any way to convert between two services if they are paid for. It would be a great idea if that would be possible to change. Other than that great support!


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